Arsenicum Album (Arsenic Oxide)
Arsenicum Album (Arsenic Oxide)

What does Arsenicum Album do?

Arsenicum Album is a homeopathic treatment for gastrointestinal problems brought on by eating too much fresh fruit and vegetables or drinking too much alcohol. It may be used to treat numerous other gastrointestinal complaints such as food poisoning. These gastrointestinal complaints may be accompanied with a loss of appetite, indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration and may further manifest as inflammation of the intestines and stomach (stomach flu, gastroenteritis).

Children suffering form these complaints along with a fever are often prescribed this remedy. People suffering from fatigue or a feeling of being constantly tired due to an illness or physical and/or mental exertion will sometimes also be given this remedy.

Arsenicum Album usage is considered effective in treating conditions that are aggravated by cold, dry, windy weather: Conditions s.c. as: asthma, inflamed eyes that water and sting, headaches with vomiting and dizziness, inflammation of the mucous membranes, and mouth ulcers. It is also utilized for illnesses that are accompanied with chills and fevers that produce a feeling of either being cold while being hot to the touch, or feeling hot while being cold and clammy to the touch.

Another main focus for Arsenicum Album usage is in treating fear and anxiety that may be accompanied with chills, restlessness, fatigue and an increase in pulse rate. These fears are often derived from a feeling of insecurity and an oversensitive nature. They may manifest in numerous ways s.c. as the tendency to hoard for fear of being without, extensive planning for the future, elaborate safety precautions, extensive health worry, and a for need constant reassurance.

Should my health care professional be advised before I take Arsenicum Album?

It is always good to keep your health care practitioner updated on medications, herbals, supplements or other therapies you may be participating in. They should be consulted first if you have any of these:

  • A tendency towards allergic reactions to other medicines, herbs, foods, lactose, dyes, or preservatives.

Are there other times my health care professional needs to be advised before I take Arsenicum Album?

As a homeopathic remedy, Arsenicum Album is considered safe however it is always good to inform your health care professional if you are:

  • Pregnant or trying to get pregnant
  • Breast-feeding

How should I take this product?

Arsenicum Album can be derived by extracting Arsenic oxide from the mineral ore Arsenopyrite.

Homeopathic Arsenicum Album remedies are taken by mouth and usually come in the following formats: - lactose tablets, pillules, powder, granules, and as a liquid.

Generally, for most homeopathic remedies the following apply:

Do not take more than one homeopathic remedy at a time unless otherwise recommended by a qualified homeopathic practitioner.

Do not take with food or liquids. Allow 30 minutes before or after eating before taking.

Do not handle the preparation with your hands (may cause contamination), rather use a clean spoon to administer the preparation.

What should the dosage be?

Dosages and lengths of administration are usually based on the individual, problem, symptoms, cause and its onset.

See a qualified homeopathic practitioner for more information.

The following are general dosages for some of the applications of a homeopathic Arsenicum Album preparation where c = a centesimal (dilution factor 1:100). This is by no means supposed to take the place of a qualified diagnosis and treatment.

Generally: Fear - 6c every 2 hours for up to 10 doses. Anxiety - - 6c every 2 hours for up to 10 doses. Stomach Flu w/ vomiting and diarrhea - 6c every hour for up to 10 doses. Fatigue w/ restlessness- 30c 2x daily up to 14 days. May be repeated.

What other medicines may interact with a Homeopathic Arsenicum Album preparation?

  • Unknown

What are side effects of Homeopathic Arsenicum Album usage?

If you experience any uncomfortable side effects, stop usage immediately and report them to your health care professional.

It should be understood that in homeopathic medicine a patient under treatment may experience an "aggravation" or in other words, their symptoms may seem to worsen during treatment. If you experience an aggravation it is usually thought that your body's "vital force" has been stimulated and the remedy is working. Generally, the worsening of the symptoms will only last several hours and it is recommended that you stop taking the remedy at this point and let your b.d. take over in the healing process.

I have heard that Arsenic is poisonous. In taking Arsenic Oxide as a Homeopathic remedy, shouldn't I be concerned about this?

Arsenic is considered highly poisonous. However, due to the dilution process used in homeopathy the amount of Arsenic in a preparation is so small that it is not considered a risk.

Side effects that usually do not require medical attention (stop usage and report it to your health care professional if they are continuing or bothersome):

  • Allergic response to lactose (stop using and switch to a lactose free liquid product)

What do I need to watch out for with Arsenicum Album?

Generally, for most homeopathic remedies the following apply:

It is usually recommended that usage of caffeine, coffee, alcohol, spicy foods, tobacco and mint (including mint toothpaste and gum) be avoided during treatments.

It is usually recommended that usage of strong perfumes, soaps, and cleaning supplies be avoided during treatments.

It is usually recommended that usage of some essential oils s.c. as rosemary, thyme, camphor, mint, eucalyptus, and lavender (solution > than 2%) be avoided during treatments.

What else should I be aware of?

As with herbs, care should be taken with purchasing. Incorrectly labeled products and/or the presence of contaminants, adulterations, or substitutions have all been reported in conjunction with alternative medicines.

Where can I keep my homeopathic product?

Keep out of the reach of children in a container that small children cannot open. Store in a cool, dark, dry place preferably in an airtight, dry, and light resistant container. Also, homeopathic remedies should never be stored where anything with a strong smell s.c. as certain foods, perfumes, deodorants, etc. reside.

The life of a properly handled and stored homeopathic remedy is usually several years however if there is an expiration date listed on the product, throw away the unused portion after the expiration date.

Can you tell me a little more about Arsenicum Album?

General information:

Arsenic in the form of Arsenopyrite ore can be found in Europe and North America. It was at one time utilized medicinally as a treatment for syphilis. It is a well-known and highly toxic substance. Symptoms of arsenic poisoning are vomiting, severe pain in the abdominal region, and convulsions which often lead to death.

In making a homeopathic remedy, this mineral should only be handled with the awareness and monitoring of an experienced health care professional.

Homeopathic Arsenicum Album: In homeopathic medicine, remedies are usually associated with a certain "constitutional type". A persons "constitutional" typing is based on their emotional, physical, and mental make-up. Individuals that fall within a certain constitutional type will usually benefit from using the associated remedy.

This does not mean that you must always know your constitutional type before taking a homeopathic remedy. Acute illnesses (like colds, flu, etc) may be treated based on the symptoms only and not the individuals constitution. However, in treating chronic illness, the knowledge of the individuals constitutional type is vital to treating the symptoms and the cause.

Adults and children who fall into the category of Arsenicum Album constitutional types usually have the following characteristics: They tend to be thin with fine features, delicate skin, and have an aristocratic bearing. They are careful to fastidious in their appearance and lifestyle. They are usually quite stylishly dressed... Restless, tense, pessimistic, and high strung, they tend be very critical and intolerant of others. They constantly worry and are especially focused on the health of their family and themselves. They are prone to be perfectionists. Their anxiety sometimes leads to extremes in saving money and they may devise elaborate systems to insure their future safe from poverty, illness, threats of crime, etc. Generally they dislike or fear being alone, darkness, long term terminal illness, and being poor.

They tend to prefer warm, fatty, sweet, and/or sour foods, plus coffee and alcohol. They respond best to warm environments. When illness or acute conditions occur they tend to manifest on the right side of the body.

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